Special Duties: "77 One More Time"

by Special Duties

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Completely restored and re-mastered tracks.


released September 9, 2014



all rights reserved
Track Name: Government Policies
Cheap labour in disguise
Youth opportunities, government lies
Keeps young kids off the dole
Future sealed or so they're told

Government policies cause of recession
Government policies too much aggression
Government policies working class enemy
Government policies a change there's gotta be

Time was when work was there
For old and young alike to share
Now Maggie's in and things are bad
Three million tells a story sad
Track Name: Too Much Talking
Why do you blame youth for what's happening today
Who got us in this mess anyway
Does it make you feel better to pass the blame
Of course it does because your all the same

Too much talking to get no results
Too much talking always looking for faults
Too much talking that's what you do
And that's why we've got no faith in you

What do you expect when you give us nothing
We've got no incentive for whatever we're doing
You won't even listen to what we're trying to say
Instead you give more orders because that's your only way
Track Name: Colchester Council
Nothing for young people in Colchester
There's nothing for them to do
So don't blame the kids for everything
'Cos a lot of it's down to you

Colchester Council full of shit

The Council Committees in Colchester
Are not interested in youth
They too busy thinking about what's in it for them
They don't give two fucks about you

They know there's no jobs in Colchester
But they won't start to fret
Until they find themselves out of work
They don't care about what you get
Track Name: Rise And Fight
We're told to shut up, sit down and obey
To them it is the only way
We're nothing at all that's what they think
A revolution is on the brink
Our time will come and soon they'll see
In the papers and on TV
The kids of today just won't allow
What's going on so change things now

And rise and fight for what is right
Track Name: Violent Youth
You go town on a Saturday night
You just ain't happy till you've been in a fight
You have too many, get out of your head
You don't know why but you wanna see red

Who you looking at that's my bird
How many times has that been heard
Excuse for trouble, excuse for a fight
Happens all the time, every night
Track Name: Distorted Truth
We're told what's going on in a roundabout way
We take in everything they have to say
We've got to believe 'cos there's less complications
Knowing what's wrong so we can accept dictations

Distorted truth on the TV
It's for the good of you and me
Distorted truth turn a blind eye
On what you believe , it's do and don't die

Do you believe what you read in the papers
Journalistic distortions and evil red papers
No place for us in this dishonest system
Do what we're told ,don't have to listen
Track Name: Britain In 81
Look out of your window in the middle of the night
But don't go outside or you'll die of fright
Make sure to stay inside when it's dark
Don't risk the price of a nasty scar

This is Britain in '81
Eight year old kid from a broken home
He never knew his father, his mother's on the dole
What kind of future has society for him
He'll rebel against the system like another victim

Black man, white man out of work
They can't live together, treat each other like dirt
Foreign propaganda say's we're in a state
I hope they drop the bomb before it's too late
Track Name: It Ain't Our Fault
It ain't our fault so don't blame us
There's nothing to do so what's all the fuss
We've got no money, we've got no say
The lack of choice keeps us at bay

It ain't our fault

So you've heard it all before well I don't care
I'll keep on shouting till you swear
That one day soon there'll be a change
It ain't much to ask so open the cage

A town so big with nothing to do
Full of young people in a queue
To nowhere, Boredom, nothing at all
Not even a home town music hall
Track Name: Depression
Sitting at home with nothing to do
Feeling part of a human zoo
Got no future,nothing for me
I wanna go out but I ain't got no money

Depression! it's all around me

I'm in the pub with a beer
Closing time is getting near
Nothing to do at closing time
Is having fun some kind of crime
Track Name: Violent Society
Don't wanna be a part of society
Don't wanna waste my life away
I don't need no learned politics
'Cos I live from day to day...in a

Violent Society
Is this the way it's meant to be
Violent Society
A brighter future I can't see

I'm told I shouldn't shout my mouth off
I'm told to watch just what I say
But what kind of life is this I sak
If I can't live it my own way...in a
Track Name: They Don't Care About Me
Five days a week in a factory
I can't take anymore it just ain't me
They say I'm lucky 'cos I've got a job
But I'm no better than the dole queue mob

And still they don't care about me
Yet I'm not earning no free money
And I don't get no press sympathy
But I won't take no charity

I go to bed late every night
I have to get up early it just ain't right
I've gotta be at work by 8am
For another eight hours of us and them
Track Name: Delayed Reaction
Should have been there before the war
250 killed but they don't know what for
A great British victory yes I agree
But what a price to pay, oh can't you see

Oh, Oh, Oh, delayed Reaction
Oh, Oh, Oh, all talk no action

Visions of 1939
Under the rule of the Argentine
Falkland Islanders held in fear
The fascist threat was always near
Track Name: Rondolet Control
Getting left behind but they can't see
All they want is money
They don't tell us what's going on
We're know we're making them a fucking bomb

Rondolet control, Rondolet control

Pick up 'Sounds' what do I see
Badges and T-shirts of Special Duties
Do you think we had a say
No no no no no no way
Track Name: Judge And Jury
Justice? There ain't no fucking justice!

They're out of touch and incompetent
And they don't know what the people want
Voting on behalf of you and me
Waving two fingers at democracy

Judge and jury is what they are (judge and jury, judge and jury)
This time they have gone too far (judge and jury, judge and jury)
Public opinion does not count (judge and jury, judge and jury)
They've got guns for sale with a cash discount

How many more times must we see
Massacred innocents on tv
An amnesty is not enough
So don't try and tell me that it costs too much

Parents and children are living in fear
Of a sick society that sheds no tears
A real justice system can not be found
Track Name: Police State
You're living in a police state
Unfair justice, laws out of date
They don't care what you say
They take your money, they make you pay...in a

Police state [x4]

We're living in a .........
Track Name: Special Duties
no lyrics yet.
Track Name: Bullshit Crass
Fight Crass not punk
Fight Crass not punk
Fight Crass not punk
Fight Crass not punk

Anarchy and peace promote the crass
it ain't for freedom it's just for cash
they don't mean what they say
What they preach there is no way

Bullshit Crass you've been detected
Duties have your shit rejected
Bullshit Crass You've been detected
Bullshit Crass You've been detected
we'll free the punks that you've injected
Bullshit Crass You've been detected

Crass were first to say punk is dead
Now they're rightly labelled as being red
Commune Hippies That's what they are
They've got no money Ha! Ha! Ha!